Grass Fed Beef

When we first started raising Registered Texas Longhorns, our primary goal was (and still is) to raise quality breeding stock. Of course, as all breeders know, there is always a surplus of bulls born, who are either not bull quality, or too closely related to the rest of the herd.  We butchered the first one for our own use and we were hooked!

Grass fed & naturally lean, without hormone or antibiotic additives in their feed; our animals are ethically raised on pasture and alfalfa hay, with some whole oats or oat hay. Heifers are BANGs vaccinated as babies according to law, and every animal here is ALWAYS treated with the respect they deserve for their ENTIRE life.

There are getting to be more and more of us out there; whose emphasis is on quality cattle and quality of life, not mass production.  We respect our animals and welcome visitors. You can choose a steer on the hoof; or (as most people prefer) just stop by for a visit to see these beautiful creatures, especially the babies, and see for yourselves that they are well cared for in general.

We here at WB Longhorns are also striving to use every part of the animal, so nothing is wasted. We send the hides to be tanned, at great expense, to create beautiful furniture and clothing items. We take the horns to be cleaned, polished and mounted. Many people do not want the organ meats; so we are developing healthy, natural, dog treats for man’s best friend. We feel that this is yet another way to demonstrate respect; by utilizing every part of the animal.

Most of us go to the grocery store and purchase the same thing every time: Tenderloin or rib eye steaks are always good and easy to prepare.  You might be surprised to discover that you can learn something new from the experience of purchasing a whole, half or quarter beef: You could diverge from the norm, the tried and true recipes, and discover new flavors. Thanks to recipes which abound on the internet, you may find a new favorite cut of beef that you had never even heard of before.  Add to that the health benefit of naturally lean Texas Longhorns; WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ($3.50 per pound, hanging weight, plus processing)

We appreciate that most people these days do not have a large freezer, or enough flexibility in their budget to purchase a large quantity of beef all at once. We have a few options for you: Ground Beef is always available in any quantity for $6. per lb. (More than 90% lean.) We usually also have: Sirloin Roasts, Rump Roasts, Stew Meat, Round Steaks & Pot Roasts @ $6. per lb./ Sirloin Steaks, Flank Steaks, Short Ribs & Sirloin Tip Roasts @ $7.50 per lb. /  Rib Eye Steaks & T-Bones @ $12. per lb.