"Wild Bill" & Barb McKinney

We raise registered Texas Longhorns for many reasons. We love to see what each new generation brings; Color, disposition, conformation.... We look at everything and breed for the total package, but without ever losing sight of what attracted us to longhorns in the first place: #1 GENETIC DIVERSITY! It is important to us that they be healthy, give birth easily, and be pleasant & safe to be around: So even though we are looking to always improve the quality and horn; we will NEVER sacrifice disposition for that goal. We also love the fact that we have numerous body types & colors! (AKA: Diversity!!) Even the steers, who will eventually be sold and/or processed for the naturally lean, grass fed beef we all enjoy; are sweet tempered, approachable, often fed treats, and always treated with respect. Our small herd of cows are very tightly knit and it is a joy to watch them as they take turns "baby sitting"  the young ones. New mamas allowing their yearling daughters to help them lick a newborn dry is an amazing sight:)

Between us, we have 6 children and 8 grandchildren!

Bill is a retired farrier and horse trainer

Bill is a certified welder and spends most of his free time at home building "stuff."

We smoke some of our own meats, salmon and jerky.